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when your are so high your cant function correctly and people just look at you and just know your fucked up.
Nik Harken smoked so many pcp dipped ciggarettes in south side Des moines last night his boss fired him and told him "you are out of your gourd, your fired."

Nik Harken is so out of his gourd he is doing the robot agian.
by the bowz June 03, 2009

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Out of your mind, or head. Feeling crazy in the moment. Crazy enough to do something that you would not usually do, or perhaps it can be described for someone who always lives a little bit out of their gourd.
Someone might call out to another alarmingly, "Are you out of your gourd???" if they are planning to do anything extremely out of ordinary, or if they already catch them in the act.
by Tea Jade October 07, 2006