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useful modification of any phrase involving the word "time." The "our" modifier adds nine degrees of excellence to whatever was said and those who use the phrase are awarded points based on the quality of the use. Categories that factor in to how many points include, but are not limited to, discreetness, number of people being addressed, and degree to which the phrase fits into the context in which it is used.
EE instructor: "Now class, what do we get when we mulitiply Resistance and Capacitance?"
09 Student: "That would be Our Time constant."
EE instructor: "Correct."
other 09 student: "Nice! 5 points."

by Hub Zemke March 20, 2008

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Mutual masturbation, usually involving two or more people.

plural form of metime.
Me and that chick had ourtime with the jesus dildo.
by Spyder September 17, 2004