Something that is so fucking amazing that it is beyond orgasmic.
"That smoothie was so orgasmatastic, it's fluids erupted instantaneously in my mouth causing so much pleasure"
by Sekushi desu ne. April 22, 2008
Top Definition
Something so great that it could inspire an orgasm.
Eating chocolate cake can be orgasmatastic for pregnant women.
by Nick December 24, 2003
when something (nonsexual) is so fantastic it causes a sensation similar to an orgasm.
I listened to that new song and it was so orgasmatastic I jizzed in my pants.

Ah dude the way she dances is so orgasmatastic.
by MEKKAZZA139 February 03, 2013
1) An intense, overwhelming feeling of joy or excitement over an event or outcome, similar to that of orgasm.

2) An intensified or greater version of "orgasmic," used in situations that are beyond what would qualify as orgasmic.

3) An exclamatory interjection used to portray great excitement or happiness.

1. "I just beat this uber hard boss after like, twenty hours of gaming! It was orgasmatastic!"

2. "Dude, my boss just gave me a HUGE promotion! It was orgasmatastic, man!"

3. Friend 1: "Hey, I got straight A's this semester!"

by The_Enigma December 08, 2009
A mix between Orgasmic and Fantastic thus producing the word Orgasmatastic. Definition: Something so fantastic that its borderline orgasmic. Created by Jeremiah Boetcher
Dude I can't believe I just got that kill, holy crap that was Orgasmatastic!
by J-M3ista November 28, 2009
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