When u pick a ho up at the club, and you and yo boy make that bitch airtight! As in double stuffed oreos!... The best kind!
Yo me and my boy picked up this chick last night and oreoed that ho! OREOED THAT HO! YOU!
by Dirt MF McGert February 26, 2008
Top Definition
When a white girl is on the dance floor being sandwiched by two black guys and being fingered at the same time.
Lucy and Zoé at Mistral in Aix en Provence...

Lucy:holy shit zoé i just got oreo-ed!
Zoé: me too man it felt great!
by lucyandzoeonelove May 25, 2010
Term refering to a white girl being tag teamed or spit roasted by two black males.
Black white black, and shes just been oreoed.
by Carrick Lad GC August 07, 2011
To have cum in the ass of a dark-skinned individual, pulled apart his/her ass cheeks, and licked out the "cream filling". If one is feeling particularly adventurous, one might then push the ass cheeks back together and eat them, whatever the fuck that means.
"So you came in her ass. What happened then?"
"'What happened then?' What the fuck do you mean? I fuckin' Oreoed the shit outta that bitch! Literally!"

by Nabisco, Inc. February 18, 2007
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