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the Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor camper society of the Boy Scouts of America. It takes scouts who have achieved certain accomplishments within their troop and molds them into the leaders of tomorrow. It is unique because members are not elected by the members of the organization, but by the non-members in their troops. The OA uses the folklore of native american culture to give scouts and scouters a very unique and memorable experience. The principles of the ceremonies are meant to represent certain qualities within the candidate, All members must pass an ordeal that is designed to help make them more self reliant. The OA IS NOT a secret society. It uses the element of mystery and ceremonial progression to make the experience more meaningful for the candidate. All of its ceremonies are open to the candidates family if they so wish to attend. However it is not recommended for non-members to attend if they will ever have the opportunity to join, so that they will not ruin their experience.
The Order of The Arrow provides leadership training that many large companies would pay thousands of dollars to be able to teach to its employees.
by Abooikpaagun399 July 22, 2009
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