A breed of hideously ugly 'lady' who inhabitate the barren landscape of Mordor.

Orcs generally, but not always have the following attributes: back boobs, facial hair, missing teeth, a tramp stamp, too tight clothing, imitation gold jewelry, hoop earrings, inappropriate body piercings for their age, 3 kids with no present father figure, a cackling laugh, a distinct lack of class.

Dude, did you see how many fucking orcs there were in Mordor last night? It was disgusting!
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
A person fascinated by the boat 'ORCA' as depicted in the film 'JAWS'. To the extent that they recite lines from the film. I.e: "You're gonna need a bigger boat", or "We can radio in for a bigger boat"
What an Orc...Dave just told his boss he's gonna need a bigger boat if he wants to win the account.
by Fred Stine September 28, 2007
1)The most annoying race in Warcraft III Mod for Counter-Strike.

Mostly noted by their overpowered grenades or "nades" and their super powered lightning strikes.
*boom* (kills 5 people)
(T)*DEAD*Rambo: Freakin GAY ORC NADE!
(T)*DEAD*Homer: Jesus is such a nubb
(T)*DEAD*Hall Waxor!: Why does everyone have to be an orc
(T)*DEAD*:Schlick: OMFGG!!!!1!
by Creamey July 03, 2006

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