An IDM group, called The Orb, containing Dr. Alex Paterson, and Thomas Fehlman, who create beautiful music for enjoyment.
That song... That's The Orb - Asylum 7'' Edit
by AMT February 25, 2003
Acronym for Operation Rolling Bumblebees, a secret and elusive country sitting high up on a cloud above England. ORB is known for their opium productions and high population of bees. The country is ruled over by King Fred the Ant along with his wife, Queen Betty. They plan on taking over the world once they take over their enemy country Bazario.
"Dude, is it raining AGAIN?!"

"Yeah, blame ORB, they live in clouds."
by randomafterthoughts September 03, 2011
1. A substitute for the word "love" for couples who feel they have not been together long enough to say the word yet.

2. A very strong initial love feeling to a significant other.
"We've only been together for a short amount of time, but I just wanted to tell you that I orb you."
by Donny Kelwig November 05, 2009
A person possessing great quantities of character and creativity, also, of magnamious gravity.
Oh, you're the Orb, your not nearly as fat as i thought.
by Betty Friedan July 28, 2003
Annoying Trisidian objects that allow people to move themselves or any object to any location in the universe.
Jenn Nadire got an orb, and despite her love Mack's wishes she used it, sending them both into constant depression. Nevertheless they stayed together and made love at the end.
by Borg September 05, 2005
a thing that is completely round like a sphere, and never touches the ground..always floats...and loves to mate with Greeks
the Orb
by The REAL Bubblegum Fiend October 15, 2003
Any member of subspecies "Toddicus"
Oh my god, would you look at the size of his ORB!
by Owen Arby May 01, 2003
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