A manuever preformed by a spacecraft to reposition itself while in orbit of a planet
The space ship initiated a three second orbital burn to align with the space station.
by knightofkrypton September 28, 2006
Top Definition
Orbital burn occurs when you are space-docking a nasty whore, and her gonhorea travels up the shit stream and infects your ass-hole. The ensuing burning sensation is known as the orbital burn.
I got orbital burn from your mom last night. Dammit.
by knightofkrypton October 02, 2006
A term to explain the method of infection of gonhorea, by way of anal sex. -
1. An asshole that has been infected by gonhorea.
2. An asshole that has been infected by gonhorea, that then transfers the infection to another recipient, by way of anal sex.
"Oh man... How'd you get gonhorea"
"I was f**king your sister in the ass and the dirty whore gave me an Orbital Burn!!"
by D123 September 01, 2007
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