when a guy licks a girls pussy and a girl sucks a guys dick. very pleasureable.
Shelly didn't want to get pregnant, so she decided to try oral sex. She started to play with Daren's dick by blowing, kissing and sucking his penis. He re-payed her by playing with her clit and sticking his tounge in her vagaina. They both very much enjoyed this.
by I think I might be Lesbian August 05, 2010
If a girl does it to a guy (or a guy to another guy) she sucks his dick

If a guy does it for a girl, he sucks her clitoris, or tongue-fucks her
oral sex is one thing i would love to do to bam margera
by goldfishfucker June 07, 2010
The act of stimulating another persons genitals with your lips or tongue. Can occur between members of the same or opposite sex. Often replaces the act of intercourse but can also add to the overall sexual experience.

Oral Sex is illegal in: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Washington D.C.
On the first night of their honeymoon they got into a 69 position and gave each other Oral Sex.
by Ton of Ham January 27, 2010
The stimulation of genitals with your mouth.
I asked my significant other if they would give me oral sex by putting their mouth around my penis.
by Defininatorator January 26, 2010
a heavenly sensation of cosmotic sex to your love that shows your total entimisy & dying love and effection
by tane June 26, 2003
Here's an orgasm, now let me go to sleep.
Jack was needily horny at 4 AM, instead of wasting half an hour on real sex, Jill decided five minutes of oral sex was in order.
by eyehateman June 19, 2011
oral sex

1: The direct result of expensive jewelry, such as a tennis bracelet or engagement ring. May also result from the purchase of the football package or dressing up to look like a female stranger.

2: A man or a woman causing sexual pleasure, preferably to the point of orgasm using primarily their mouth.

3:When married couples only form of sexual intimacy comes in the form of shouting 'Fuck You!' from down a hallway.
Sheila-"Why are we shopping for a new gaming console for your man?"

Tara-"We're not, were shopping for a weeks worth of oral sex."

Jewelry Salesman -"What can we help you with today sir?"
Sir Timothy- "I am looking to buy about a month of oral sex."
Jewelry Salesman - "Excellent, let me get my keys so I can bring out the private selection."

She performed oral sex on me until I ejaculated in her nag hole!

We had oral sex last night for about twenty minutes before my throat got so sore I couldn't scream at him to go fuck himself anymore.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 23, 2010

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