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The sound exuded from the throat whilst trying to suppress the noise from an orgasm, and is usually frog-like.
Safrina, whilst trying to suppress her vocal "enthusiasm", ended up making a frog-sounding oral queef mid-orgasm.
by s_axo June 19, 2011
1. When a person expels a "pfffpfpff" or "belch" sound from their mouth after eating-out a person's vagina. It will smell like their partner's orpheus.

2. When a person's voice cracks unexpectedly while talking.

Oral Queefed, Oral Queefs, Oral Queefing, Oral Queefitous
Mark: "Hey man, *pffpfpff* what's up?"
Tom: "Eww man! You just Oral Queefed in my face!!"
Mark: "Sorry, I was with Josie last night.

Dude: "My voice just cracked."
Dudette: "Thats called an Oral Queef."

Guy: "Wanna go see that ba**nd?"
Girl: "Dude, Your voice totally just Oral Queefed"
by Mr. Piklington August 17, 2010
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