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Usually a sarcastic comment made after somebody pitches an idea. Otherwise, it can be said when someone is really excited about an idea that you think is stupid.
Person 1: "We could go play DDR at my house." Person 2: "...Or not."

Person 1: "Hey, you guys! I'm so excited about object!!!" Person 2: "...Or not."
by Aimee January 02, 2004
Ornot is word that is very strong, after you say somthing and no one respons becuase it wasnt funny or no one responded cause you wave no friends(weiss) you say ornott after. Ornott origins originated from Mundeline,IL and a boy know as mat ornoff, so to speak , last name is a lot like or not so thus ornot originated.
Whanna go to DQ tommarow......Ornott

Ornoff did you just cry becuase you got pinned in 30 seconds....ornot

Jolocolvers amazing at life...ornott

Weiss got teched...wats new ...ornott

Who wants to chill tommarow....ornott
by NoMatchesNolan March 16, 2010
what she said. a cool phrase.
Person 1: "Justin Timberlake is so cool. I mean he's got all the girls after him and he dances like wild fire. You've gotta say he's uber fit looking too..."
Person 2: "...or not"
by brendan May 19, 2004
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