OPSAT stands for "Operational Satellite Uplink", It is used by the main protagonist in the Splinter Cell series (Sam Fisher).

It receives information from the NSA based on details about the mission. For example: Objectives, Notes, Pictures.

Sam Also uses it to store useful information received from dead bodies, Interrogation, or from computers. For example: emails, notes, Key Codes.
1: Lambert (after describing a mission objective): Details on your OPSAT.

2: Sam (after taking an email from a computer): I've uploaded some text to you using my OPSAT. This could be bad.
by TurtleMadness April 02, 2010
Top Definition
Communication device used by Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell book/video games that resembles a PDA and is used to communicate to the support team in the NSA via wireless network
Sam details on your opsat
by Sam Fisher L337 August 30, 2007
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