Is a greek exclamation for juvilant emotion and the translation in English is: Harmony, Faith and Love. Original greek is Ορμονια, πιστεως και αγαπη.
Opa has different meanings according to the situation, most popular is when somebody exclaim opa during a greek dance or suddenly something happens.
by Aris July 17, 2012
Opa is a word used by people from the Balkan countries (Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Crotia etc.) to express great joy over something.
"- This party kicks ass

- It sure does! C'mon now, opa!!!"
by Jugoslav May 23, 2011
A song that had the potential to be really good but is an over played ass song (OPAS) so people only like it for a week
Person 1:Yo you heard that song that goes lemme seeya wop wop wop

Person 2:Man thats such an OPAS
by Junkee September 14, 2013
Quechua word for dumb. Is use very often by spanish speakers in Peru.
Usted es un opa.
you are a dumbass
by spidermannnnnnn November 19, 2010
Other People's Alcohol. Basically, stuff that other people brought to the party. My personal favorite kind of drink.
Mike: "My favorite drink is O.P.A."
Steve: "O.P.A.??"
Mike: "Other people's alcohol"
Steve: "Oh, yeah me too"
by Sinetro July 08, 2009
Verb: The act of violently inserting two or more fingers into another persons anus and exclaiming OPA!
Person 1: *Bends over to tie shoelaces*
Person 2: *Identifies an exposed anus and shoves two fingers into Person 1's anus* OPA!
by HolmenOpa April 19, 2015
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