My cousins taught me this shit when i was like 7 yrs old. Its funny and pisses people off so bad cause they have no damn clue what you are saying. Once you got it down its fun tho.
This is what i call some op language
pop o sop top
hop e e bop
yop e sop sop i rop
nop o sop i rop
by Ben Griggs April 12, 2008
Top Definition
the coolest language ever that me and THE GIRLS talk to piss ppl off...and its really funnn!!!and funny to make cameron mad:)
"hop i"
"hop o wop a rop e yop o u"
"fop i nop e"
"top hop i sop fop u nop cop a u sop e pop i sop sop e sop cameron off"

i love op language
by sausage and eggs April 05, 2008
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