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girls with ugly thick drawn on eyebrows, red lipstick and usually vertical lip piercings. onion lakers usually think of themselves as "hot shit" usually do duckface/kissy lips in photos.
guy 1 "look at those girls eyebrows"
guy 2 "that's and onion laker"
guy 1 "looks like she uses sharpie to color that sh*t in"
guy 2 "onion lakers ferda"
by destroyer2121 December 11, 2013
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Someone who has been a resident of Onion Lake, Saskatchewan for a period of, one year, or more.
Only an Onion Laker can do that!
I was gracious enough to meet an Onion Laker.
by Darkforce10 October 27, 2010
A woman of distinction. A strong educated woman. a woman with children whom can feed, cloth and entertain her children.
An Onion Laker is a very strong woman
by FurLife April 11, 2014

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