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When you have such an awesomeness of ownage that it cannot be just a rape, it has to be an onion rape. This isn't a real rape its for video games.
"Yo, i onion raped that noob in rise of nations last night."
"You sure did, because you are the best."
#onionrape #rape #onion #ownage #0nionrape
by RyanGu September 22, 2007
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To own someone so good that it cannot be called just rape, it must be called onion rape. Also used to something that is so awesome and crazy that it is an onion rape. Please do not say onionrape it is not one word that is not even a word
"Nick i onion raped you in rise of nations before"
"Yeah you sure did"
#onion #onion rape #rape #onionrape #onionrrape
by RyanGu September 18, 2007
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