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basically, past tense for re-creating a move from the movie Ong Bak:The Thai Warrior, and using it on an ordinary civilian, usually an emo kid. some of the best include the knee and elbows to the head, and the kick to the face. watch the movie and mix and match your own combinations, then find some emo kids to test it on. they're as passive as hindu cows, until they actually get hurt. then they're like rabbits that had just been shot in the abdomen. FUN ENSUES!
Guy 1: Dude look, some little emos are crossing the street!


Guy 1: Get em legs!

*Guy 2 Ong Bak's the emo kids*

Emo kids: *either unconscious or squealing*

Guy 2 Standing over the incapacitated emo kids: Ya'll just got Ong Bak'd!

Guy 1: word
by kristov June 19, 2006

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