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a way of saying bye to a gurl meaning more than bye
hey ttyl.........One Luv
by H2O December 29, 2002

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a term made famous by reggae legend Bob Marley. it's mostly used by people of Caribbean or Polynesian decent. It kinda means love without boundaries or prejudice. You love everyone the same.
my mama raised me on oneluv: a love of every person, no matter what their skin color, race, religion, or social preferences.
by jordayna November 22, 2007
used in the 510, especially in fremont, CA, to refer to a water bong usually fashioned from a plastic or glass 16oz soda or other similar type bottle and a bic pen, tubing or straw, to which a glass pipe used for smoking meth is attached.
I got a fat-ass hit off the one-luv!!
by wizzy July 25, 2006