Common symptoms of stage 1 ONE-ITIS are the following:

-thinking she's so much different from any other girl you've ever met.
-thinking she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
-thinking she is to at least some degree innocent and moral. (See definition of a slu.)

Common symptoms of stage 2 ONE-ITIS are the following:

-calling her 2-3x a day, just to talk.
-staying on the phone when she calls you.
-analyzing everything she says and does. Example: "I saw Mary-Slu in the hall today, she looked my way, what did she mean by that???"
-completely ignoring every other girl who shows interest in you.
-asking anyone and everyone for advice and to over-analyze her actions.
-thinking your different from the other 100000000 million "good guy friends" she has. Reality check dbag, YOUR NOT.
"Shes different from any other girl I've ever met, I love her, even if shes a slu and has hooked up with all of my friends."

-Michael D. Wolfe (Suffers from severe stage 2 ONE-ITIS)
by Mary Slu January 22, 2006
The coward's word for love.
Dude 1: Man, I have such a bad case of one-itis for her. How do I break it? What should I do? I'm out of my mind for her. Maybe I should propose.
Dude 2: Nah, you've got to stop talking to her. Don't let her know you care. Find someone else. That's the only way to deal with one-itis.
by MonikerZ October 19, 2011
the girl who you've had but never will again. no matter how much you try.
it's unhealthy not to get over your oneitis.
by nazar January 09, 2006
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