Slang. To engage in sexual intercourse.
The girls of the internet... I'd go online with them any day!
by MadHat December 17, 2004
1) an elusive state in which those who have attained it are able to see past the confines of their meaningless lives and become one with all those who are also "online"

2) what my computer isn't
Matt: "Hey man, did you see that awesome youtube clip?"

Me: "Naw man, I couldn't get online."

Matt: "sucks for you."
by pappernackles June 07, 2009
When you are hooked up to the soul-destroying electronic mainframe that encompasses the world and subliminally instructed to consume as much capitalist produce as possible before you take your last breath.
WHAT? Where the fuck did THAT definition come from?
by Alianne September 07, 2003
What you are now. Crazy world eh?
Hey, I just got online and came to to read this dumb definition! JOY!
by sleepygamer March 09, 2006
1) The state of being connected to the Internet.
2) Relating to systems, the state of being powered on, connected, or actively ready for use.
I'm going to go online now!

Let's bring that computer online.
by Wingchild September 13, 2003

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