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A work used by uncultured idiots.
I am stupid, so I say on fleek.
#on #fleek #stupid #idiot #dumb
by thrhrtnthrhrhtthththtthth June 18, 2015
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the quality of being perfect, or on point i.e. Zayn Malik
Zayn is on fleek due to his ability to appear perfect at all times.
#on point #perfect #very good #ugly #trashy
by arttmgc February 07, 2015
1. adj. hella; on point
2 adj. very good
1. My eyebrows are on fleek
2. James' personality is on fleek
eyebrow fleek great
#good #bad #great #trashy #yeet
by pseudonymm September 28, 2014
Adj. 1) (slang) a state of completeness and flawlessness, the quality of being perfect 2) the combination of fly and sleek . Synonymous with on point.
Kesha's eyebrows were on fleek.
#on point #fly #sleek #hard #tight #cool #a1 #100
by Atomic Afro June 07, 2015
Slang term used by uncultured idiots to describe perfection.
Yo brows are on fleek!
by Makeupqueen October 21, 2015
When something is perfect, or going right, or on point
Person 1: Wow, look at Lee Pace's eyebrows!

Person 2: Eyebrows on fleek.
#on point #eyebrows on fleek #cool #perfect #amazing
by bohemianrhapstory January 03, 2015
A phrase usually placed at the end of a sentence that converts the entire sentence, regardless of the context or words leading up to it, to mean "I have large quantities of diarrhea vacating my body"
Her eyebrows are so on fleek. I need new pants.
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by Rustyleftnut February 01, 2016
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