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On My Way, very useful in games.
BobEy bitch, come spank me!
by ZupiCo May 01, 2003
sometimes mistaken for "oh my word", really means "on my way"
Person A:HELP!
Person B:omw
Person A:thx
by useful meanings October 31, 2004
OMW (On MY Way)
What to text your friend when you are leaving your house to go to their house so they will be ready when you get there.
OMW-On my way.
Text: OMW
Friend text: K
by Bee K March 24, 2010
a short form of "on my way" which, if you are at a music festival and high could be mistaken for "Oh my wow!"
Katie texts "we're over by the elk tent"
Matt texts "OMW"
Katie says " I think he just said 'Oh my wow. Hes definitely high too.' "
by hostilenative August 30, 2010
Oh My Word
After he revealed the news, I was shocked and replied OMW.
by Bob the Great February 01, 2015
Old Man Wheeze. Instead of laughing uncontrollably when you hear something hilariously funny, you wheeze like an old man. What follows is referred to as "laugh attacks"...cheeks turn pink, eyes water, and gasping for air through ear to ear smile before the actual laughter begins.
That girl always OMW's before she actually laughs!
by Mini hands November 27, 2011
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