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commonly used as a christian version of the internet shorthand omg, meaning 'oh my gosh'.
omgsh that's so cool.

omgsh you're a glass of ketchup.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
nicer version of omg. shortened version of oh my gosh.
news guy - rhianna has died!
person watching - OMGSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
by .x<3?x. May 06, 2011
1.) A milder form of "OMG" for those religious nuts who fear that saying that would be taking the Lord's name in vain.

2.) Oh My Gosh
Bob: "Woah, look at that lambo! Dude!"
Jerry: "OMG'sh! That's so awesome sauce!"
Bob: "I know, right?"
by Crystalvalen December 07, 2010
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