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an add on to hax, omg hax refeers to the art of being sarcastically scared of someone's scripts
guy2: OMG HAX
by nixor January 10, 2004
Exclaimation used in Phone Losers of America circles and on UplinkIRC for useless banter.

<Darkk_Inferno> So I upgraded Hal
<Murd0c> OMG HAX!
<Tacojon> OMG HAX!
<Darkk_Inferno> I hate you all

Posted by GingrBreadMan 04/02/03 11:48:01 -

by Murd0c September 14, 2003
It is something that you say implying that someone is using 'hax' or is '1337'.
OMG HAX! I just got killed by that dude WAAAAAAY over there with a pistol!
by Blastiiid April 11, 2004
Short for "Oh my God, hacks!". See teh best stuffs.
"Hey, I just got a new remote control today."
by Vash Westland October 18, 2003
The title given to a gamer with skills almost that of godlike that people assume one is hacking. To recieve this is title is the greatest honour of a gamer.
Player 1: GG
Player 2: Omg Hax!!!11
Player 1: Lol, Thanks!
by I love cookie October 04, 2008
Generally used in multiplayer online games when another player/user seems to use a method to wtfpwn or defeat another by extraordinary means.
Oh my god, what the f**k, you are hacking to be honest, for the win!

or in 1337 or leet language...

by Adam Washington March 23, 2005
1- A Slang term usually used with I 'just got PWNED' or 'that dude is so 1337
2-see omg h4x
OMG HAX! I just got owned!
by Dr. Dude April 11, 2004
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