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A pritt ugly ass bitch who tries to hide the fact that he's gay but doesn't do it well. Someone who is highly unnecessary, dramatic, and goes crazy and shows these qualities at any given moment. Also another name for a gay person. Also is a croch-shot or a hairy pussy. Also can be an attention whore or somebody "whose in the closet and hasn't came out"
1) They commited the disturbed girl to a mental institution because she was very

omar russo.

2) Let's go to the omar russo club tonight instead of the straight club

3) Wow that was so omar russo dude, you didnt need to shove that dildo up your

ass right in front of everybody

4) Another word for homosexual is Omar Russo

5) Everyone was surprised when Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox

pulled an omar russo and showed everyone their titties and omar russos

6) I bet Lady GaGa has an omar russo

7) Shut up bitch before I go omar russo on your ass and blow up this piece !

8) I think he's gay, but he denies it, maybe he's omar russo ?

9) Stop being an attention whore, you omar russo
by ladyy gaga December 11, 2009
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