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1. (verb) To play a song, tune, or jam; usually for a best friend that has bad taste in music.

2. (verb) To engage in "nightly" activities; usually devoid of clothing depending on how much you ate that day.

3. (noun) Obama's retarded cousin that no one speaks of due to security reasosns kept secret by the CIA and Jason Bourne.
1. I want to omah you a song because all you listen to is "one day" by Matisyahu!

2. Woman: Baby let's omah all night long.
Man: No I ate too much pb&j for lunch and I'm feeling kinda bloated. lets omah tomorrow honey pie.

3. Omah has just escaped from his underground prison! Quick, let's move the security level from orange to red and call Michelle Obama. She always knows what to do!
by Jaquel Negrom July 20, 2010
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