The struggle to reach the top of the hill before your beverage freezes; ultimately, a metaphor for the human condition.
Eddie got thrown in the ditch by saxophone player from Regina, therefore his beverage had time to pass that quick stage between "slushy" and "frozen". That's olde time sledding for you!
by saxophone player from Regina March 02, 2010
Top Definition
The anual tradition of sliding down snow covered hills on either sleds, beer boxes, lawn chairs, or other objects. The key being to make it back to the top before your beer freezes.
Man I can't wait to go home for christmas. Its the time of year we all go olde time sledding!!
by trumpet player from fernie February 04, 2010
A tradition harking back to golden era of the early 2000's olde time sledding is now declining in popularity. With its central tenets rooted deep in the rich ethos of hockey greats Gordie Howe, Eddie Shore and Jack Hanson olde time sledding is an exhibition in the lost art of manliness. Equipt with malt liquor and a sled the brave participants of olde time sledding decend into darkness in an attempt to reach the bottom of a snow covered hill. The victorious will have to endure cold winds, trees, elbows and general beat downs in order to complete their endeavor. But, to the victor awaits a cold beverage and much deserved lean.
The perfect silence of a starless prairie night was interupted by the ill tempered sound off cascading from sorel boots trudging through snow. Tall shimmering stacks of breath lingered motionless at the top of the hill only to be pushed aside by the forceful cry "olde time sledding!"
by bonaduce January 20, 2011
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