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old tappan is a pretty sweet town in bergen county, new jersey. we have a highschool aka NVOT, its pretty cool too, some towns refer to OT as old tampon, but those people will eventually end up pumping our gas, so pretty much. Us girls are all uber fashionable except for the socially awkward...we like juicy couture, 7 for all mankind, citizens of humanity, lacoste, coach, tiffany's, uggs, lily pullitzer, we shop at cool places like guess whats new in westwood and threads in closter...its a pretty sweet life not all of us hang at bi-state like the stoners, but we go there because theres the only starbucks in OT there.... there used to be Ani's but it got replaced by the ghetto aka blue moon and everyone cried... its a small town you pretty much know the same people since kindergarten and will probably end up going to college with some of them.... its a nice place to live... lots of mobsters and famous people too
old tappan... a pretty cool place to live
by j <3 ~*~~** July 15, 2006
OLD TAPPAN IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE GREATEST GOD DAMN TOWNS IN THE FUCKING WORLD. COME ON, EVERY SINGLE GIRL IS BEAUTIFUL. im not sure what more you would want..but demarest sucks at everything, every person in their god damn school is an ugly ass...we ARE superior to the demarest gaymen. =) thanks for your time..but northern valley old tappan just is great. we got bistate where all the emos go to smoke pot..we have starbucks for whoever the fuck wants it, and we have a tanning salon. not to mention the best chinese food in the damn state. so demarest, go suck it - ur all fucking pussies. watsup now bitches?
you would rather date a girl from nvot..every girl that is hot in our school..has great tits too, so suck it demarest. an old tappan cant go wrong with one
by red it baby December 21, 2005
Definently, hands down, one of the worst towns in the Bergen County area. From gross fat chicks, to weak little bitch boys who can't fight for shit. I am from the closter area one of the best fucking places in Bergen and believe me, if ot and closter fought, we would kick the fucking shit out of you cocksucking pussies.
Old Tappan =Fuckload of shit,cum guzzling ass pirates,and cock-juggling thundercunts.
by ballsy joe July 10, 2008
town that is by definition inferior to Demarest
Lets go Norsemen! OT Sucks!
by FruitFly November 08, 2003
a school that thinks they are way better than everyone else.. what wannabees.. of course they could never reach their dreams of being as good as Demarest! WOot Woot
Sitting in OT's lame bistate, wondering what all those crazy cool Demarest people are up to. YO hoe!- u from demarest?- u da shit diggity dog!
by chaxmasterflex March 10, 2005

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