v. The lies, distortion and misdirection used repeatedly by a zoophile when asked about the strong stench emanating from his genitalia and chronic tinea cruris after performing anal intercourse with dead animals.
I keep asking James why he smells so bad and he just O'Keefe's me.
by Simon Wagstaff March 19, 2011
Top Definition
The formal word for chopping the tip off of a male reproductive organ AKA a cock
1. Yo dude im gonna okeefe you and your grandpa in your sleep.
2. Last week i heard you got drunk an okeefe'd your whole family including your great great great grandfather on your mothers side.
by a marsh June 18, 2008
someone.. who.. LOVES durfs.
oh yeah.. she was such an O'keefe
by nailpolishquifer July 11, 2011
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