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The gayest word in the english language.
Rub me with some ointment.
by Grime April 11, 2003
30 28
An old person. Senior Citizen, or elderly individual. Applied, but not limited to, those ages 60 or older. Durived from Teen Girl Squad by Strongbad.
"Mister Pitters wishes he was a teen girl, but he's really just an ointment."
by Astrodisiac August 13, 2006
33 10
Substance applied for relief after receiving a burn.
"That was harsh, man. It's ointment time. Y'know... for that BURN."
by Der Capitan December 29, 2003
17 7
what you get from the doc when ya foot long itches afta nailing a dirty whore
Greg:Dude my foot long itches sooooo bad
Me:Better go see the doc and get some ointment
by Nick February 05, 2004
6 21