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an internet meme started by a bunch of posers on facebook, who go around creating fake celeb accounts, most commenly impersonated celeberities include miley cyrus, selena gomez, the jonas brothers and many more of the disney channel teen idols. they went around facebook using (ohdang letsbang) Or (oh dang lets bang) meaning "lets have sex" as an alternate name on facebook so they can find each other amongest all the lifeless loser posers that are swarming the site nowadays
X: dude i totally added selena gomez on facebook last night!!! we even talked on facebook chat man!!

Y: was her alterante name (ohdang letsbang)??

X: dude, u added her too??

Y: u fuck-tard, thats totally a poser and u fell for it
by Moma-the-Iceman October 21, 2010
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