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A way of expressing state of shock.
Kiddo 1: "I have a penis."
Kiddo 2: "Oh my gawd!"
by Shock Horror November 17, 2005
To express suprise. It is the combination of "Oh", "My" and "God" to form an incoherant word. Usually used online since saying it outloud does not hold the same meaning, because people cant tell you meshed the words together.
Spackerdave: Dude, i just f*cked your mom.
ReZ: ohmygawd
by ReZeroX November 17, 2003
An exclamation, see oh my god. The way people with Long Island accents say oh my god, or those making fun of them
I can't believe that! OH MY GAWD!
by Liz March 05, 2004
A variant of "Oh my god". Generally used by shitty authors or said by female new yorkers.
"Oh my gawd, you have such a round bosom," said Brenda.
by poopface Mcgee May 31, 2006
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