Original Gansta Dog (or Dawg)
G1: I'm og.
G2: I'm triple og.
G3: I'm OGD!

Advice: Don't front the OGD!!1
by BObo D. HObo May 07, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for Oh God Dang!! or Oh God Damn
Guy: Look at her butt!
Guy2: OGD!!!!1

Guy: Hey Shayla wants to come over tonight..
Guy2: OGD!! Someones gettin that german punani tonight!
Thomas: T_T
by Tolaria March 31, 2009
obsessive grammar disorder

someone who constantly corrects another's grammar...
to the point that you want to kill them.
but they can't help it, it's almost natural.

but sometimes, the errors are obvious.
see dumbass OCD
"i ain't got no more money"
"you can't say that! ain't isn't a word, it's don't! and you had a double negative! you have to say 'i don't have any more money'
"oh right! i forgot you are OGD! i better work on my grammar!"
by mabblekabblenzabble December 10, 2007
The young lad, after he og'd in his pants, proclaimed to his friends, "Holy Shit", that felt great.
by grannyporn666 December 24, 2008
A common computer misspelling of "god", usually happening in instant messaging conversations.
- You're such a demon!

- OGD! shut the f*** up!
by joeygoodfish September 01, 2007
three letter acronym for Oh God Debbie
OGD....I'm gonna poop in your car!!
by jvjf September 21, 2009
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