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OG Mudbone is the porn star in the popular websites freaksofcocks and He largely popular due mainly to his fourteen inch fucking atrocity of a horse cock. which he uses to drench the women costars of his pornos with half gallon loads of semen. you can be sure that it is OG Mudbone from his grizizzle and his obnoxiously loud orgasm sounds.
dogg is dat ma fuckin OG Mudbone?
i dunno dowg lets wait for him to cum...
yeah dude thats him.
by maximusL mattyZ May 31, 2008
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1. A male porn star from the porn site The site Freaks of Cock features a man, normally OG, sporting an inhumanly large penis, which is very likely fake. The fact that you never see his testicles, that he always has to hold on to it, and that his cum shots are of monolithic proportions all point to the fake qualities of the site. However OG is such a charismatic character that above everything Freaks of Cock is more of a site that a guy would visit while hanging with his bros just so they could laugh at the noises he makes when he cums and how generally hilarious he is. He is so popular and unique that he has been hailed by some as the New King of Porn. A true genius, indeed.

2. A good name to call someone in reference to the real OG Mudbone to either poke fun at their appearance or at their small penis in a sarcastic manner. Those who either have a short cut mohawk, wear grills all the time, or just talk like an idiot are prime victims.
1. Guy #1: "Oh my God, dude, you have got to see this guy OG Mudbone."

Guy #2: "Who the hell is that?"

Guy #1: "He's the funniest porn star alive with the biggest dick ever!"

(Video ensues)


Guy #2: "Holy shit! That's like a literal gallon of semen! That can't be real!"

Guy #1: "Yeah huh!"

2. Person #1: "Hey, OG Mudbone, get your dumb ass over here."

Person #2: "Yo aw mang why'ya godda calm'e dumb and shi' ho' I'mean mahn I ain't so dumb as y'all thahnk."
by FatsDomino64 July 15, 2009
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A black man with an enormous penis, who also has a huge load.
Amy got torn up by OG Mudbones
by Jasonwdj;f;jlfr September 22, 2008
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My FUcking role model except he has the biggest dick recorded in medical history.......I feel sorry for the pussy that gets penetrated:''''(
Also known for his disgusting drowning yet entertaining cumshots on the unsuspecting female
Guy1: What the that
Guy2: Thats my nigga OG Mudbone son
Guy1: Is his dick real.......?
Guy2: WHo gives a fuck i wanna be like him....his dick has shock factor, bitches love shock factor
by big dick larry June 22, 2009
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