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1, noun.
A trolley used in an office to deliver mail to white collar workers.

2, noun.
A person who has been romantically linked to a high number of people.
Originated from a rather poor attempt to create a metaphor describing an individual who "gets around."

3, noun/exclamation.
A phrase that is uttered or referenced, often loudly, to avoid answering a question or to change the subject, especially when he or she is being hounded for answers.
An indication that one feels uncomfortable with the topic being discussed or feels that a response would be self-incriminating.
Originated from an individual's attempt to escape embarrassment by referencing another individual's attempt to avoid explaining the humble origins of the office cart metaphor.
I started out in the mail room. I was the loser who pushed around the office cart.

She's a total office cart. Everyone has slipped mail into her slot.

"What made you think dating her would be a good idea?"
"I plead office cart."

"So, what exactly happened during the Christmas party?"
"Um, office cart!"
by TT C September 07, 2006
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