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A horribly offensive web site whose only intention was to affront, aggrieve, anger, annoy, antagonize, be disagreeable, chop, cool, cut up, disgruntle, disgust, disoblige, distress, disturb, exasperate, fret, gall, horrify, hurt, insult, irritate, jar, miff, nauseate, nettle, outrage, pain, pique, provoke, repel, repulse, rile, shock, sicken, sin, slight, slur, snub, sting, transgress, trespass, and upset seemingly innocent AIM users.
Conch Lord: I got laid off from Cable Vison in 1996
gLaMoRgUrL412: hard to explain my ass... tell me where u got my s/n for real
by Conch Lord August 02, 2004
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