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(Adjectival phrase, pejorative) nonsensical

origin- In Touch Typing characters A,S,D,F are covered by the fingers of the left hand and the characters J,K,L,; are covered by the fingers of the right hand. If one or both hands are out of position the typical result is a cascade of typographical errors.

The term is meant to be condescending, perhaps even insulting. Usage is uncommon outside of nerd, geek and clerical circles.

The pronoun "your" may be replaced with other appropriate possessive pronouns, i.e. his, her, their, my.
literal- "The quick brown fox" may transpose to "Yjr wiovl ntpm gpc"

figurative usage- You think lowering taxes will decrease the national debt? You're off your hotkeys.
by Akaei February 11, 2010
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