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If someone has gone off the rails, they have lost track of reality.
I've gone off the rails... you should try it.
by zxcvbnm2123 October 06, 2010
To start behaving strangely, in a way that is not acceptable to society.
He went off the rails in his twenties and started living on the streets.
by johnRJ August 05, 2006
When a client at a strip club cheaps out and doesn't sit at the rail, but back far enough that he can see everything without having to tip, thus spawning the term: off the rail
Stripper to another: I wish they would ban that perv, all he does is pay the door charge, nurse one drink for like 2 hours and sit off the rail so he doesn't have to tip. What a loser.
by November 10, 2009
by hitting the rail of a pool table. It is used to describe the carom of a pool ball with the rail - usually the "end rail," meaning one of the rails adjascent to the the pocket or other target.
Seven ball: corner pocket - off-the-rail.
by tomtiguy November 12, 2006
the state in which a teenager drops all future prospects in light of gettin haaeewwlll and playin for the burgh
Ethan went off the rails when he went to the burgh
by moonez June 26, 2009

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