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An affectionate term for person who behaves in a strange and puzzling way.
"She was wearing a tea-cozy on her head again, what an odd sock she is"
by MistressBunnyHopLC July 04, 2008
A phenomonon seen in teenage boys. It is caused because, when nothing else is within reach, the teenage boy uses the nearest (usually) dirty sock to wipe his knob clean after sexually relieving himself whilst browsing Dad's porn collection. The soiled sock is then hidden under the bed where it slowly festers and rots. Over a period of a week or so, this can result in there being no matching socks available, thus ODD-SOCKS.
Dad: Hi son, I see you're wearing odd-socks again!
Son: Hwa...Mmmm...the other ones are crispy.
by The English Gent October 31, 2007
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