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The results of particularly savage anal intercourse - the splitting of an anal sphincter into about 8 parts, or in 8 different directions etc.
This is particularly common when using insufficient lubrication with a male of large girth.
The term does not apply solely to eight-way tears, but can be applied more generally to severe anal damage due to intercourse.
"I did that girl up the back passage too hard and octaplied her into hopital"

"I heard he went to the gay club and got octaplied last night. He's walking pretty funny..."

"I octaply girls on a regualar basis" "Dude, stop it with the anal or get surgery or something!!"

Guy: "Octaplication on a Saturday night! I love it!" Young girl: "Waaaaaaaa! Call an ambulance, it hurts like f*ck!"
by MarcXgYYY October 18, 2007

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