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Couldn't agree more, oconnell bitch. DJO is the shit. No matter who you are, you'll fit in. We have everything here, preps, posers, druggies, sluts, jocks, brains, music and drama people, emo kids, kids who are a bit of all of the above or none of hte above, everyone. Although the building is pretty ghetto (I have seen my share of roaches), we somehow manage. Other schools coughcough*PVI*coughcough think that DJO sucks and will find any occasion they can to diss us. The truth is, these schools are jealous because there absolutely no diversity like DJO, just plenty of assimilation. Anyway, O'Connell's awesome and you should go there if you can. Go Knights!
Yeah, I go to O'Connell. I'm surviving.
by yeah, I go there January 10, 2005
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this school is located in arlington and has the best ppl ever with a whole range of differnet kinds of ppl who all get along and have ppl ranging from hot guys and hot girls to dorks and nerds but whatever u do ull fit there! and it has a whole range of druggies and sluts and evreyhing!
HO CONNELL is the best!
by oconnel bitch December 25, 2004
a school that cares so little about themselves that they cannot be bothered to capitalize their name, much less realize that highschool is, in fact, composed of two words, joined by a space " ". The also do not have enough pride to capitalized and punctuate the name of their school.
oconnell highschool really should be spelled "O'Connell High School" but the students there are too dumb to know the difference.
by I_KANT_SPHELL March 26, 2005
The drug infested, minority dominated excuse for a school, where those students who can't get Paul VI attend.
A Brothel, Ghetto, Slagpile
by AJD116 July 12, 2005
the only reason o'connell is better than pvi at sports is because they have more kids to choose from for the teams. Smaller schools aren't going to be the better at sports obviously. duh. oh and by the way pvi's uniforms dont suck compared to djo, we don't have to wear sweaters AND blazers. And whoever decided to comment on uniforms in the first place is just retarded. name one school that actually has a COOL uniform. no one likes uniforms, that's why you pay to dress out.
Guy1- i hooked up with this slut from o'connell this weekend
Guy2- well no sh*t she's a from HOOOOO Connell!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you guys are so ugly
by oconnellsucks May 02, 2005

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