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oconee high is the upper class redneck school.small,stuck up,country,redneck infested,bitchy,self absorbed,preppy, cliquey type of school that also sales ALOT of drugs.where if u dont have a big truck or a mustang u cant hang out in the McDonalds/Publix parking lot.when every1 thinks the freaks r goths and worship satan.and the rednecks listen 2 rap. AKA 'whoreconee high' or 'slutconee'.where the rednecks sexually assult the cows.and the cows r the only entertainment.that or wal-mart.
"stoners",preps,jocks,freaks,nerds, niggas(colored ppl),the mexicans,exchanges,rednecks,posers(of every group),wiggers,boobs,emo kids,others.
"dats a truck righ' thur"
"get 'er dun"
"bush-hog, mmm hmm"
"gah,thats so GAY!"

(black ppl walk by)
redneck-"i thought we dun hung them all!"
by K-Li and Morgan April 20, 2005
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