To wander or walk about in an aimless fashion.
Those who obamulate completely lack a coherent vision without a teleprompter.
by vidourle March 24, 2011
Top Definition
to wander around not knowing WTF you're doing
Alzheimer's patients often obamulate through nursing homes, crappy hither and thither.
by weaselhair March 24, 2011
To wander or wolk about in an aimless fashion; to dither.
Barack has an easy tension to obamulate; especially when it comes to foreign affairs.
by BoboJones March 24, 2011
To tell a group of people exactly what they want to hear in order to obtain a leadership role and then proceed with a radical or confusing agenda.
When Harry promised to raise funds to fix the furnace, he was elected as vice-chair, but then he Obamulated and did nothing but paint the cafeteria purple.
by Jarin_C April 08, 2011
To emulate in a failed manner. Taken directly from the definition provided within the administration.
Did you see that? John successfully obamulated Dave's baseball pitch - he threw like a girl!
by hopechangein2012again March 24, 2011
To wonder hither and dither aimlessly through life.
Daniel sat at his desk and continued to obamulate instead of doing his homework.
by Daniel1000 March 24, 2011
To delay an important decision while determining which choice generates the least liability to your personal reputation.
Did the president obamulate during the election crisis in Iran when he ultimately decided to do nothing?
by Jim Crickett March 24, 2011
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