Small suburb in Sydneys south. Home to hustlers, ballers and playas. Upper class area far superior to neighbouring suburbs Penshurst and Mortdale.
Man ima hit Oatley up right now and see whats crackin, ya heard.

Damn man you cold! You're must have been born in, or live in, Oatley. Whats up.
by OG Eastside Oatley Whats up November 07, 2004
Top Definition
home to oatley campus, possibly the only reason why i will tell people to avoid that area!
Me: Hey look my car is getting stripped of its parts!
Friend: Its ok! You can just buy it all back with heorin
by LaRgO November 14, 2004
a distributer of sorts... one that brings goods to the community.
oatley distributes fine products to the public
by oatley April 18, 2007
that mad chill kid that lives in riverdale ands got that good shit.
oatley is god.
by CGUIM September 15, 2008

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