Worst place on earth next to Birmingham Alabama where that creep Antoine Dodson lives.
Oak Harbor has dutch roots and is a navy retirement town but their is many groups and cliques trying to claim oak harbor. Such as:
1. the "filipinos", but you may know them as flips, chinks, or "jackie chans. For some goddamn reason half of asia decided to invade whidbey island and specifically oak harbor. filipinos are easy to point out because their the midgets breakdancing on street corners and playing pokemon and doing math homework at starbucks.
2. the "Ricers" are a bunch of fuckin idiots. i guess one day the first "ricer" decided to get 500 bucks and buy a honda. This trend spread to many cigarette addicted creeps. Chances are if you see a honda and it sounds like shit then its a ricer, they also lower their cars and take their hubcaps off and loiter at many business parking lots because their all homeless or something.
3. The stupid black group. Not every black guy in OH is a stupid black guy, just the ones that think their hardcore gangsters and teach people how to "dougie". Easily the easiest group to spot because if you hear "Nigga nigga nigga" then its the black group. Their the most obnoxious and annoying group in OH, all they do is yell, sing black and yellow, and then yell more.
4. Skaterz. the only group of people i dont really mind. They do their own thing and they dont bother people. They smoke cigarettes in groups and always move together in packs.
Ricer #1 : Dude lets go race out at west beach, duude.

Ricer #2 : Yeah bro, just let me smoke 50 cigarettes before we go

Ricer #3 : Man i havent showered in weeks

Ricer #1 : I can go 120mph in 3rd gear

Ricer #2 : Damn dude, i just removed my passenger seat so maybe my top speed can improve from 70mph to 72mph

Ricer #3 : Shit dude

Ricer #1 : Damn son

Ricer #2 : Oh shit

Me: Shut the fuck up you pussies.

Oak Harbor
by BombDiggityDoo February 19, 2011
Top Definition
1. The crappiest place in northwest washington for people under the age of 50 to chill.
2. The largest dutch pothead community.
3. an island of suck.
guy:DUDE!! wanna go to oak harbor??? its an ISLAND!!
other guy: no.
by Stephen Hutsell July 31, 2006
Oak Harbor is not the most boring place on earth. The little town of Coupeville, wich is Oak Towns neighbor. Im sure that anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes in Coupeville would be able to relate with me.
Oak Harbor is the secound most boring place on earth. So boring infact, that people have to find things to do, like drive around in fast rice burners, and spray paint on the public highschool. To fully enjoy Oak Harbor, try these things.
1. Stand outside the nearest Mexican restruant, and scream, "viva Mexico!"
2. Buy a cheap Honda, put on a flowmaster, super charge it, and race down Boon Road, against the farmers in their tractors.
3. Go out to city beach at midnight, and bang on light poles untill you get arrested.
4. Sign up for a certain english teacher in the highschool, and prepare for a year of trouble.
5. Jump in the lagoon.
6. have coffee at Angelo's.
7. Go to walmart, buy goldfish, then put them on the DQ grill.
Tyler: Dude, lets go hang out in Oak Harbor.
Seth: My mom said no, because ill probably either get run over by one of the vandersnoots, or arrested, because the cops have nothing better to do than arrest little boys.
Tyler: Lets go to coupeville then.
Seth: No.
by Seth d. Miller July 01, 2008
A small city on Whidbey Island. It rains 360 days a year. The rest of the time it is windy and dark. Local entertainment is mainly the local movie theater, which doesn't get mainstream movies until they come out on Betamax or VHS. We're still waiting for Titanic to be released here. Also inhabited by thousands-upon thosands of Asians. The official language of Oak Harbor is either Tagalog or Tagalog.
John: Another beautiful day in Oak Harbor!
Matt: Rain?
John: Yep.

John: Let's find out what's at the movies...
Matt: Wow, finally Purple Rain has came here!
by Anonymous Guy Person Man March 15, 2007
The gay; a place where old dutch people suck the fun out of things. little racial diversity i.e. 7 blacks, 30,000 asains, 9,000 whites, 1 mexican, 1 native american; a place that is gay; not a fun place to be.
guy: i live in Oak harbor

other guy: gay?
by Anthony Spears November 22, 2006
A small city on Whidbey Island in Washington. Mostly inhabitted by asians, despite its dutch roots. there is also a navy base there. It isn't very diverse and has a horrible reputation, mostly for how boring it is, but in reality if you've spent enough time there you find legitamately enjoyable features about it, and it gains a certain charm.
new resident: Oak Harbor is small, too asian, and boring as fuck.
old resident: Oak Harbor isn't that bad and i enjoy living here.
by stikie July 03, 2011
1. Where retirement homes and a naval base meet, resulting in a place of suck for anybody unlucky enough to be within a 15 mile radius.

2. A place known for its dutch roots but is now being taken over by 50% of the Filipinos in the world.

3. A place where the only thing to pass time is get high or have sex, which explains all the 15 year-old mothers and mental cases walking around.
Dude 1: Hey man, I'm so bored! What do you wanna do?

Dude 2: Are you shitting me? We're in Oak Harbor! There's nothing to do!

Dude 1: We could go bang my sister.

Dude 2: Meh, I'm getting bored of that. Want to go to the bus station?

Dude 1: Wha? What's at the bus station?

Dude 2: Chronic, what else would be at a bus station?

Dude 1: Oh, dude... totally.
by Arg0n1t3 July 30, 2009
A highly fascist town in which everyone thinks they are the dankest ass people because theyve tried marijuana once in their lives, also consisting of gay ass people preferably the class of 2011 because all of the girls that hung out with the so called "skater pot head badasses" get group rate discounts on abortions and beg unpopular lowerclassmen to buy them pregnancy tests and they think that theyre so cool becuase most of their parents are bigger fuck ups then them.
Also consisting of about one billion and two asians or filipino folks. And the rest, well theyre white people who act like thugs and travel 82 miles to the nearest mall to buy crap that will be out of style in less than six months. In oak harbor the idea of independance was killed when the dutch settled there.
Bobby: Hey lets go smoke weed with my mom who lives in the Oak Harbor appartments

Naomi: Okay as long as i get first hit.

Dalton: Hey lets go to JC Pennys

Aaron: Are you fucking kidding me? SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEDDDDDDDD
by shittttttt nahhhhhhhhhh September 04, 2008
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