Ohara girls are the sexiest girls on the planet.. marple girls-BEAT , Predie-BEAT, Springfield-BEAT
ohara is usually called Owhora because the girls are usually sluts but they are sexy.
by nobody April 20, 2005
Top Definition
u must mean oharr girls
1) dark makeup. foundation eyeliner, and fake tan
2) tiffanys
3) school bag up to your neck. all the way. thumbs through the straps.
4) straighten your hair. every day. no matter what (scrunching is acceptable if it is monsoon season/ heat wave)
5) red and blue hair bows in annoyngly perky ponytail
6) ribbon on the top handle of the schoolbag it(which is always small and bright colored)or your friends names all over
7) hair is platnium blonde in the spring. black in the winter
8) run screaming through the hallways to get to your friends. never mind the freshman that you run over, their huge schoolbags will break the worst of the fall
9) you MUST have bad highlights. pink, orange, blonde, whatever.
10 sing off key ( and loudly) to the music played over the loudspeaker, attention is good.
hi im meg and i go to oharrrr
like OMG
by yeah O March 16, 2005
sexiest girls alive

-- to much talent

-- to hot to handle
"wow look at them ohara girls"
by M dizzle January 22, 2005
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