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Orgasm. While it's been co-opted by proper names of actual cities and towns, it has always meant orgasm. Taking someone to O-town, will inevitably result in them showing you their O-face.
Took that girl out on a date, finally. Went for dinner, a movie, then I took her to O-town. She has the most upsetting O-face I have ever seen.
by El-Guapo45 April 22, 2010
The city of Orlando. Orlando, FL
"Where's o-town? In central Florida"
by alex August 03, 2004
Shortened term for Orlando, Florida.
We be too crunk down in O-Town.
by Sessa October 18, 2005
O Town Is Oakland, CA
Where's Tupac From?
O Town Bitch
Regardless of what all these other bullshit entries say, otown is most widely known as the nickname of Orlando, Florida. Not fucking ottowa or ohio or whatever.
Homie:Yo dawg lets go to orlando, also known as O-town.
by Dick F. April 08, 2009
The central city of Florida:Orlando.
We have groovy times in the theme parks at Otown.
by Maries April 22, 2006
a name for Orlando Florida
Going to o town for the weekend
by moester December 12, 2007
Nickname for many cities beginning with the letter 'O'. Anyone living near such a city believes their city is the only true O-Town.
Ottawa, Canada is known as O-Town.
by Mister Marbles September 24, 2010