A kinda of lame name for my hometown Orinda, California which is located in the Bay Area. The name most likely was created to sound as cool as oaktown, aka. Oakland, California-a close neighboring city, however, they are both pretty lame names. Judging by where the people who came up with these names lived, and the actual names, my best bet is they were high when they thought of them. Awesome cities like these don't deserve to be burdened with terribly lame names like O-town, Oaktown, or Frisco.
Yo man, I come from O-town, suburb of Oaktown and Frisco!
(note: Frisco (San Francisco) is yet another lame name for a Bay Area city)
by dudepersonman June 17, 2006
Top Definition
The city of Orlando. Orlando, FL
"Where's o-town? In central Florida"
by alex August 03, 2004
Shortened term for Orlando, Florida.
We be too crunk down in O-Town.
by Sessa October 18, 2005
Regardless of what all these other bullshit entries say, otown is most widely known as the nickname of Orlando, Florida. Not fucking ottowa or ohio or whatever.
Homie:Yo dawg lets go to orlando, also known as O-town.
by Dick F. April 08, 2009
O Town Is Oakland, CA
Where's Tupac From?
O Town Bitch
The central city of Florida:Orlando.
We have groovy times in the theme parks at Otown.
by Maries April 22, 2006
a name for Orlando Florida
Going to o town for the weekend
by moester December 12, 2007
Nickname for many cities beginning with the letter 'O'. Anyone living near such a city believes their city is the only true O-Town.
Ottawa, Canada is known as O-Town.
by Mister Marbles September 24, 2010
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