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- used to show excitment or enthusiasm in a time of utter hilariousness.
- another slang option for people that say "OOO!!!" when something mad crazy happens.
- another option instead of saying o-sit son
- a expression that should never be said again, mainly due to the fact that it is retarted and overused by white people that are trying to be black(wiggers).
picture the stupid ass white kid in ur school that wears paco or ecko clothes and walks like he has a pool stick up his ass, and when a hot girl walks by he puts his hand to his mouth and says o snap and puts his fist out to his "boy" and says pound it like u want to pound her.
by rob m l September 07, 2005
a CAD function called object snap making it easier to connect lines to each other. shortcut key f3. architect slang word for oh snap!
OSNAP, are you kidding me?
by the nickster September 21, 2005
An expression of surprise or of sudden realization. Derived from the combination of "Oh" and a snapping motion with your hand.
Wigger A: Yo bitch, you like my new ride?
Wigger B: O snap, that's Juan's car!
by L-Diggie July 27, 2005
The most useful tool in AutoCad, this side of Ortho and Fillet. It snaps to predefined points along lines, polylines or shapes.

It saves your ass from having to zoom all the way in to get lines to look like they join. Just hover nearby til the yellow box pops up, click, and you're golden.

Osnap= F3
Ortho= F8
however, be advised that F3+F8 does not equal F11

Also, don't forget to PEdit those newly Osnapped lines into badass polylines!
Osnap! I forgot to use Ortho now my shit's all crooked and not joined.

When you use Osnap in conjunction with Ortho, you'll be virtually unstoppable.
by lankysob November 20, 2005
awsome,tight,cool meaning that is cool awsome tight or unbelivble . your cant belive what just happen . or some one did something cool
o snaps dog,can u belive what just happen? no way hommie that guy got the fuck knocked out ,ya dude ouch,.
by hcaz June 21, 2006
A CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Option, in which the cursor is automatically "Snapped" to a line, tanget, center of circle, ect. Or just something that someone says to sound cool, but really makes an ass out of them selfs
"I need to turn on o snap"
"O snap bizzotch, Dat S to the izzat is tight"
by Hissho June 28, 2005
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