Facial expression denoted by the lips and mouth of Barack Obama supporters forming an "O" shape.

Frequently made by Obama supporters when:

1)Barack Obama owned John McCain in the presidential debates.

2)Barack Obama makes clear and unbiased descriptions of the future of the United States under his leadership.

3)Barack Obama won the race for the White House in the 2008 presidential campaign.
"Did you see Chris's O-face after the last debate?"

"Are you ready to sport your O-face at the post-election party tomorrow?"
by amabosekilyks November 03, 2008
Used in place of smilies such as =O, in smilie-lacking weblogs, such as LiveJournal. Denotes surprise, shock, or other similar emotions conveyed through a gaping mouth on a human being.
so i left after using my cell phone in class @ approx. 1:20 (o-face)
by Mike-W December 17, 2005
The look Obama gets when telling a lie which looks exactly like having a orgasm
Wow, did you see Obamas O Face when he said he would not raise our taxes?
by heywoodja July 25, 2010
Look you get when your about to blow your load...
I was looking around the room trying to find my "O Face" ,because i was about to put it on.
by Vegas March 22, 2003
1. THe commical yet definatley satisfying face one makes when a girl is jerking your johnson and your like "wow" ahhhhh "0-FACE"
Faster.Faster. O Face! I'm done.
by Tnutz June 01, 2006
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